Sunday, March 29, 2009

Our growing girl

It's hard to believe Avery is already 2 months old! She has already changed so much. She has been quite the girl on the go lately. She has visited her Nana's school and took her first trip to the mall. We recently took Avery on her first road trip. Last weekend we went to Fayetteville for a friend's wedding and she was great! She loves riding in the car. Here are some pictures from Avery's travels :o).

At Meadowbrook school

First mall trip

Here we go!

All dressed up

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Strike Two

Well, as most of you may already know, I had to go back to the hospital. I had an "abscess relapse" (kinda sounds like a rock band doesn't it?!?) and when I went to the doctor on Thursday, the 5th, they sent me right back to the hospital. What I didn't realize this time is that I would be staying there until the following Wednesday. Avery had her one month doctor's appointment that afternoon, so thankfully my mom & Shayne were able to take her...although I was so upset to miss this milestone in her life.

The doctors were right on top of things this time. In addition to the OB-Gyns, there were now infectious disease doctors and breast surgeons on board. It wasn't long before I was whizzed to the ultrasound dept. to have two drains put into my left breast. When I returned to my lavish hospital suite (not really, although I did have a great view of our beautiful mountains this time), I was in a lot of pain...supposedly I was supposed to have anesthesia for this procedure, but since I ate before going to the hospital, lucky me got to go through the experience without it! Two percocets got rid of the pain which was great, however they also allowed me to keep a trash can next to my bed the rest of the evening. Since I had MRSA, I was put into "isolation," which meant I was not allowed to leave my room and anyone coming in had to wear gloves and gowns. That just made me feel gross. The hardest part was yet to come...making the decision to send my baby girl home with my parents. I couldn't bear the thought of being apart from her, but I couldn't bring myself to keep her in a hospital again. I felt it was best to concentrate on getting myself better for her. I am so thankful for my parents for keeping her and bringing her to see me everyday I was there.

So days passed and I finally had the drains taken out on Tuesday, the 10th, then was able to go home the next day. Am I fixed this time? Who knows?!? I do feel much better, though, and it's already a big improvement. At this point we're playing the "wait and see" game to really know if I'm done with this nightmare or still living it. I do want to thank everyone for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers. It is very moving to know that so many people have been praying for me and I am eternally grateful.

Here are some pictures from the hospital...Avery just looks so darn cute! I will throw out a disclaimer: the last pictures are of the drains, so if you're offended by yucky stuff, just don't look.

Avery's one month doctor visit...she weighed 9lbs. 13 & 1/2oz!

This is the top of the drains...I cropped the picture into 2 parts to avoid exposing myself too much (you're welcome)

No explanation needed here...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009