Friday, August 28, 2009

Video of the week

This one makes me laugh. I saw it forever ago and it has been floating around on Facebook lately, so I remembered it and wanted to share. This one's all about the redheaded boy....and I just may have to steal some of his dance moves...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sweet Summertime

Friday, August 21, 2009

Video of the week

So I stumbled across this video and thought it was the sweetest thing I've ever seen! Baby laughs are just the cutest but babies laughing at each other?!? Priceless. And it is dedicated to you, Hilary...this is what you have to look forward to :o)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Duck Duck Goose!

Okay, I'm like any other typical girl and love to shop...and lets just be honest, I love to shop mostly for myself. Now that I have a little Avery in my life, the desire has transcended, except now I only want to buy for her and not so much for myself anymore.
That being said, I've now added a new dimension to my shopping experiences...consignment shopping. I've never been much of a consignment shopper due to the fact that I never find any good buys. You know those people who ALWAYS find super cute stuff and when you ask them where they got it, their response is "Oh, I got it for $8.00 at a consignment shop"?!? Well that person is not me. Consignment shopping for a baby, however, has been much more worthwhile. I've found so many (make that too many) great things for Avery for incredible bargains. Recently I hit up the Munchkin Market at Biltmore Square and had a laundry basket full of stuff (yes, I was one of the very few that actually followed the rules and went sans purse and stroller with a laundry basket in hand).
Anywho, to get to the purpose of this post (yes, it does have a purpose aside from my ramblings), one of my closest friends told me about a consignment event that her relative will be bringing to the Haywood County Fairgrounds called "Duck Duck Goose". The consignment sale has been taking place in Knoxville and is supposedly HUGE. She wants to get it going it in Haywood County and hopes that it will eventually be the same caliber event as what already takes place in Knoxville. The first sale will be this October and if it is successful, she will continue to do it in Haywood County. She only takes items of good quality and if you have things you want to sell, YOU get to set your price and you get 70% of the sale!
So if you're interested, you should definitely go...and tell your friends too! Read more about it at:

Friday, August 14, 2009

Video of the week

So I've decided to jump on the blogger bandwagon and do a weekly posting. This is my feeble attempt at having a little fun. Since I could literally spend mindless hours on the internet watching YouTube videos, I thought I would post a video once a point to it, just to watch. And maybe a home video will find it's way on here every once in a while too.

This video is one that I'm sure everyone has already seen (unless you live under a rock) because it was all over TV. But I love it and it makes me want to jump up and dance when I watch it, so I'm posting it. If you've seen it a 100,000 times then well, now you've seen it 100,001 times.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Just can't stop...

So I'm obsessed with taking pictures and now that I have the cutest butterball baby in the world, it has only gotten worse. Avery is only 6 months old and I already have two full albums of her pictures...and that's not all of them. I literally take pictures of everything; every outfit, every pair of shoes, every cute moment, which lets face it, when you have a baby every moment is cute. Yes, I am out of control. It doesn't help that my child is already photogenic...when she sees the camera, she is all smiles. Additionally, I feel the need to fuel this addiction by purchasing a new camera. Shayne and I have talked about getting one for a while, but we're not sure what to get. We want a nice one that takes amazing pictures, but nothing that requires a second education to know how to operate. Any suggestions?!?

So I hope that all you blogger friends and family don't mind seeing pictures of the Poots because it's not stopping anytime soon. And lets face it, you know you can't help but to smile when you see those blue eyes, chubby cheeks and four knees....

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Lake trip

Two weekends ago, we took Avery on her first trip to Lake Chatuge. This is basically a rite of passage for any child who lives in our county. Shayne's grandmother has a camper at the lake that we recently "inherited." I have been reluctant to take Avery because the camper is very old and basically the size of a closet. It's really too small for the two of us, let alone adding a baby and the 102+ things you have to take for them. Being that we frequent the lake every summer and we were going through lake-withdrawal, we decided to chance it. We only stayed a night and it actually went really well. The lake was a little too cold for Avery, so our actual time in the lake was limited. The Georgia Mountain Fair was going on that weekend, so we decided to let Avery have her first fair experience as well.

This was also one of those sentimental, "can you believe it?!?" kind of moments. As we sat on the porch at our camper, we reminisced about past lake trips. When Shayne was growing up, he spent most (if not all) of his summers staying at this very same camper with his grandparents. Ironically, I use to stay in the same campground whenever I came to the lake with a couple of my friends. We most likely crossed paths many times without ever realizing it. Now here we were, sitting at the lake in the very same campground...with our child....holy cow!

We had a great time and know this was the first of many lake trips.