Saturday, November 22, 2008

3D Ultrasound

Avery was not very cooperative when we had our ultrasound done. She was a little camera shy and kept covering her face when they tried to get a good picture of her, so we don't have many 3D shots. She has chubby cheeks and a cute little face though! It was neat to watch her move her arms and open and close her mouth...very fascinating. According to this ultrasound (which is not 100% accurate), Avery now weighs a whopping 3.7 pounds! We may not make it until February.....

We haven't figured out how to convert our "video images" into pictures, so I had to submit them as videos. Just hit play to see the pictures!

This is Avery's face!

These are her crossed arms

This is her profile & hands


If there were any doubts about Avery being a girl, this picture definitely confirmed it!


Anonymous said...

what a beautiful little GRAND-DAUGHTER!!!!

paw-paw T.

Auntie Lee Lee said...

oh my gosh she has YOUR FREAKING NOSE!!! ahhh!!!

and i cant make heads nor tails of the 'money shot'...haha, dangit!

good grief i am so in love with you, lauren jean. avery jean is in for it when she gets here!!