Monday, November 30, 2009

10 months

So I've been majorly slacking on my blogging and hope to make an effort to catch up over the be prepared for picture overload. And I realize that Avery is 2 weeks past her 10 month birthday, but I'm writing about it now and that's just how it is :)
So now Avery is in the double digits and only 2 months away from being a year old. How did that happen?!? Our little Poots is such a blessing. I am in awe as I watch her day after day. She is moving all over the place and exploring her surroundings. She is becoming a chatter box, making as many sounds as she can. She does a great job reaching for and pointing to objects to identify them. She has added some new words to her vocabulary, including Papaw and Pawpaw, pretty, ta da, duck, tap tap, and "ba" for bottle. She loves to imitate and play games and she can now point to her belly, ears, head and teeth. I am trying to teach her some simple signs (I can't help's now ingrained in me from work) and she will sign for "more" and is trying to do "done" and "eat," but mostly smiles instead. She loves to make all kinds of silly noises and has "silly wars" with her daddy. We hope to have a video of this up's pretty darn funny.

I'm telling myself that her language is her strong suite at this time, being that she is not as mobile as some babies are at this age. It's hard not to compare your baby to others, especially when you see them cruising or walking all over the place, but I have to remind myself that all babies are different and it will eventually come. Not to mention that she is much easier to keep up with at this point in time! But no matter what, she's always ready for her closeup....