Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Baby Chicks & Cutesy Pics!

On one of the first warm weekends we had, we decided to enjoy the day at Biltmore. Their new "Antler Village" had just opened, so we took advantage of the warm weather to check it out. This was actually one of the last projects that Shayne did while working for Fairview, so we wanted to see the end result. We were a little disappointed in the final product, being that there really wasn't much to do, but it was still a great day to be outside. Avery had just recently started walking, so this was a great opportunity for her to practice her newfound skill too.

We went to the nearby petting-zoo area so Avery could get up close and personal with the animals. I thought it was hysterical because there are random animals just running all over the place. Avery tried to greet a goat but when it decided to nibble on her arm, she became unsure...when it tried to take her paci, however, she decided that was enough goat for her. It started to get a little chaotic with a large amount of little people, adults chasing behind them, and the random animals taking over the space, so we decided to get out...quickly. Buuut not until Avery could see a baby chick. Right before trying to flee the circus scene, I noticed the area of baby chicks...I'm talking only a couple of days old baby chicks. I HAD to let my child touch a chick...or maybe stick one in my pocket, whichever I could get away with. Shayne didn't let me down and maneuvered his way into the small area swarmed with other baby chick adorers. Avery wasn't quite as enthusiastic about the chicks as I was and she was only really interested in poking out their eyes. But even so, my wish was granted and I got the pictures to capture the moment.

After finally escaping the petting zoo, we happend to catch the horses and the nice horse lady was kind enough to stop and let Avery pet one. This seemed to be more exciting to her than the chick. I think I can live with that!


lc kids said...

UM, this is hilarious. You've become such a good writer since you started blogging about mommyhood! I'm proud :) The part about Poots poking the chicks eyes out is awesome. I love you!!