Wednesday, June 3, 2009

4 months

We took Avery to the doctor for her 4 month checkup on Monday. She now weighs 13 lbs. 6 oz. It is truly amazing how fast these little beings grow! Just this morning I was watching her sleep when I realized that she is close to the entire length of her little co-sleeper the back of mind I'm thinking, "this just can't be right!" She is beginning to do so much now. Her coos and squeals are very close to turning into babblings (is that a word?!?). She is starting to reach out and grab toys to play with too. Just yesterday, I rolled her over on her tummy to play and she rolled over onto her back all by herself! And really by herself, not like the time I helped her and claimed she did it on her own (which Shayne was quick to correct me on). To me this a big accomplishment considering she's not on her tummy much. This is quite sad, job is all about helping kids reach developmental milestones and there have been many times I have had to put babies on their tummies despite their protesting. Now my own daughter, who does not like tummy time AT ALL, somehow easily gets out of doing this important playtime ritual. Funny how things change when you're wearing the "mommy hat," huh? It's sad to see our little one get bigger, but exciting to watch her learn and accomplish new things!