Thursday, June 11, 2009

Free books!

My wonderful mother-in-law informed me of this great website that I just had to share. It is book program created by Dolly Parton for children under the age of 5. If your community participates in the program, then you can register your child and they will receive a free age-appropriate book every month until they turn 5. That's a lot of free books! I know that Haywood County is an affiliate, as I was able to register Avery. Once you sign up, you will receive an e-mail stating that they are reviewing your registration to make sure your child is eligible...then you receive an e-mail confirming the eligibility. More info. is available on the website. Check it out at:


lc kidz said...

Grrr!! Did you know that i did this for avery as a literal birthday present but then when i went to send it in i found out that the kid had to be alive already? yesterday at splash country i said 'oh gosh i gotta send that in again, averys born now!!!' and then i see this post and im so sad that you beat me to the punch! but at least she'll get the books. its amazing, sawyer has it and its as good as it sounds! i love you i miss you lady love.