Friday, August 14, 2009

Video of the week

So I've decided to jump on the blogger bandwagon and do a weekly posting. This is my feeble attempt at having a little fun. Since I could literally spend mindless hours on the internet watching YouTube videos, I thought I would post a video once a point to it, just to watch. And maybe a home video will find it's way on here every once in a while too.

This video is one that I'm sure everyone has already seen (unless you live under a rock) because it was all over TV. But I love it and it makes me want to jump up and dance when I watch it, so I'm posting it. If you've seen it a 100,000 times then well, now you've seen it 100,001 times.


Micah said...

That is such a fun video! Have you seen David After Dentist? That is my favorite! I just had to tell you, Avery is even more precious in person than she is in pictures! Ramsey thought she was pretty hot, too! ;)
(Don't tell Shayne, I would hate for him to have a baseball bat with Ramsey's name on it before he turns one!)

kace said...

Hey Lauren! I love reading about Avery... she is so cute! Emily told me all about your nursing nightmare! I dont know how to did it for so long!