Thursday, August 20, 2009

Duck Duck Goose!

Okay, I'm like any other typical girl and love to shop...and lets just be honest, I love to shop mostly for myself. Now that I have a little Avery in my life, the desire has transcended, except now I only want to buy for her and not so much for myself anymore.
That being said, I've now added a new dimension to my shopping experiences...consignment shopping. I've never been much of a consignment shopper due to the fact that I never find any good buys. You know those people who ALWAYS find super cute stuff and when you ask them where they got it, their response is "Oh, I got it for $8.00 at a consignment shop"?!? Well that person is not me. Consignment shopping for a baby, however, has been much more worthwhile. I've found so many (make that too many) great things for Avery for incredible bargains. Recently I hit up the Munchkin Market at Biltmore Square and had a laundry basket full of stuff (yes, I was one of the very few that actually followed the rules and went sans purse and stroller with a laundry basket in hand).
Anywho, to get to the purpose of this post (yes, it does have a purpose aside from my ramblings), one of my closest friends told me about a consignment event that her relative will be bringing to the Haywood County Fairgrounds called "Duck Duck Goose". The consignment sale has been taking place in Knoxville and is supposedly HUGE. She wants to get it going it in Haywood County and hopes that it will eventually be the same caliber event as what already takes place in Knoxville. The first sale will be this October and if it is successful, she will continue to do it in Haywood County. She only takes items of good quality and if you have things you want to sell, YOU get to set your price and you get 70% of the sale!
So if you're interested, you should definitely go...and tell your friends too! Read more about it at:


kace said...

I signed up! I cant wait... I love consignment sales :)