Wednesday, September 2, 2009

7 Months

Holy moly, my baby girl is over halfway to being a year old! Time definitely flies...especially when you're having fun with a little one. Avery is starting to do so much. She is in the beginning stages of crawling. She actually uses her head to do this, putting her head on the floor to push herself forward. She also loves to growl and it is quite funny. This is actually called "throat singing." While doing his usual music stuff on the internet, my dad actually stumbled across this accidentally...who knew?!? She just recently discovered that she can shake her head too. I hope to capture some of these moments on video. We still don't have any toofers, although I think one may peek through soon since she's beginning to aggressively chew everything she can!

Avery's nana (Shayne's mom) had her pictures made again recently. Before Avery was born, Denise had a "nana shower" and her friends gave her a gift certificate to the Picture People. The pictures are great, however we probably won't own many unless we choose to go in debt because they're ridiculously expensive. I want to show them off, but they come with the copyright stamp since they're from their site....sorry, that's the best I can do! And I will say the cutest pictures they took were nakie pictures, but I refuse to post naked pictures of my child on the internet, so these will have to do. Also, they asked us if we would allow them to put one of her pictures up in the store, so next time you're at the mall, swing by Picture People and look for our Avery Jean!