Tuesday, September 29, 2009

8 Months

So I know I've said before about how amazing it is how babies change from day to day...but the changes in Avery in the past month have been unbelievable! She is babbling all the time. She enjoys saying "mama" and "dada," although it's not really in reference to us yet (even though we tell ourselves otherwise). She is waving and will occasionally try to say "bye bye" when she waves. She likes to wave up and down with her right hand, but if she waves with the left, it's a backward wave to herself with her fingers. She also loves to wave at herself in the mirror. She is beginning to rock and bounce to music and she recently discovered her tummy while taking a bath. She enjoys rubbing and patting it and it is so stinkin' cute!

She is so close to crawling, which is almost nerve-racking! You never know when it's going to happen, not to mention you can't help but to think of the baby proofing mission that lies ahead of you. Avery use to be adamant about sitting up and would get mad if she fell over. Now she wants to be on the floor and is starting to get the hang of moving from a sitting position to laying on the floor. She mostly rolls to get where she wants to go, but she is definitely trying to crawl. Yikes!

She is an excellent eater. So far she's not encountered anything she won't eat. I'm holding off on the finger foods, though, since this child still does not have any teeth! Sometimes it appears that she's teething because she chews on anything and everything and drools quite a bit (and chews some more and drools so more). But still no teeth.

Avery has been suffering from her first cold this past week. Fortunately its not terrible, but it has presented quite a challenge when it comes to sleeping at night. She isn't sleeping that great and when she wakes up, it's difficult to console her. The more she cries, the more her nose runs which makes it hard for her to breathe and even harder to suck on her paci...the result?!? An unhappy baby (and an overly-tired mother). Yes, believe it or not the nights on the couch with the Poots have not contributed to a well-rested me. Any suggestions from you veteran moms are more than welcome :)

One thing is for sure...this baby just gets cuter and cuter everyday!


The Goodman Family said...

Wow! What a cute little girl you have! Love all of her adorable outfits!!

In reference to the cold, you are probably already doing this, but a humidifier(sp?) & a warm bath prior to bed seem to do the trick every time with us along with some Little Noses nasal spray and suction, suction, suction that nose til there is no more snot in it! For the "red nose" after all of the suctioning, I use something called "Rose Bud Salve" that you can purchase at Mast General Store, it is really greasy, but it smells great and seems to stay on throughout all of the nose wiping.

Don't worry about the fact that she doesn't have teeth yet either, some kids don't get them until they are almost 12 months!

Lauren, congratulations on your little one's 8 month birthday, you guys are awesome parents!

Love ya,


Hil said...

Yep, saline and suction. We have to fight Landon to do it, but it does help. Hope she's feeling better soon!